Returning Your Leased Hyundai in Peoria, AZ

Hyundai End of Lease Return Option near Phoenix

Returning Your Leased Hyundai to the Dealership

Our policy here at Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria is to make your lease-end return as easy for you as possible, whether you want to lease or purchase another vehicle from us or not. Our staff is here to assist you throughout the lease return process and let you know you are always welcome back again in the future.

To help make everything go as smoothly as possible, we've outlined some things to know as your lease-end draws near. If you've chosen to return your vehicle and walk away, we strongly recommend that you schedule a complementary pre-inspection appointment to assess the leased vehicle's condition early enough to give you time to address any needed issues that might add unexpected charges to your final bill. While Hyundai USA has a self-assessment form on their website, they note that "Self-Assessment provides estimate only and is not binding. Final wear and use charges will be determined through a formal inspection performed at your Hyundai dealer after vehicle turn-in." If you want to do a self-assessment, we recommend that you also take advantage of our free pre-inspection service as well.

Please see the information below on the lease-return process, along with descriptions of excessive wear and use.

Prepare for Your Lease Return in Advance

Normal wear is to be expected and will not result in additional charges. Excess wear, however, will result in additional charges to you upon vehicle return. Explore the tabs below for an overview of conditions that fall into the Excessive Wear and Use category which will incur additional charges at lease-return if not addressed in advance.

Excessive Wear and Use Overview

Exterior Damage

  • Dents, dings, and scratches equal to or greater than 4" long or across
  • Chips equal to or greater than 1/2" in their paint
  • Punctures in body panels

  • Chips, spiders, and bulls-eyes equal to or greater than 1/2"li>
  • Crack equal to or greater than 2" long
  • Peeling, bubbling, scratched, or non-matching tint

  • Area along the tire tread that is less than 1/8” deep
  • Missing, cut and/or torn tires
  • Tires of a size or speed rating that doesn’t match that of the original tires
  • Scratches 4" long or greater on wheels or wheel covers
  • Bent, broken, cracked, and/or warped wheels
  • Missing spare tire or wheel (or inflation kit if that was your original equipment)

Interior Damage

  • Holes, cuts, burns, or stains in upholstery or carpet
  • Missing keys/remotes
  • Missing or broken parts or accessories (i.e. stereo, any knobs, third-row seats, etc.)


Your lease states a specific number of allowed miles per year. For example, a 3-year lease with 12,000 allowable miles per year should be returned with no more than 36,000 miles on the vehicle. Any mileage over that pre-set amount will result in mileage overage charges. Consult your lease documents to determine your annual allowable miles, and specified overage fees.

Pre-Inspection is Recommended

  • Flexible, convenient scheduling
  • No-charge comprehensive assessment of your leased Hyundai's wear
  • Prevent surprise excess wear charges on your final bill

Schedule a complimentary inspection with us 60 to 90 days prior to the end-date of your lease. Call our Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria Service Department, or use our online service scheduler to set your pre-insepection appointment. Our certified Hyundai service staff will assess your leased vehicle's wear & tear, which will allow you time to schedule any needed repairs before your lease maturity date.

Schedule Your Lease Return

Once you've had your pre-inspection and have either addressed repair needs or are satisfied with your leased vehicle's condition, it's time to schedule your Lease Return Appointment.

Be Sure to Bring the following items when you turn in your leased Hyundai

  • Copy of your lease agreeement
  • All keys, keyfobs, and all original equipment that was included with the leased vehicle
  • All vehicle douments you received when you leased the vehicle, i.e. owners manual, maintenance guide

After Returning Your Leased Hyundai

Remember to cancel any electronic auto-payments and satisfy any remaining obligations under your lease.

Contact A Hyundai Leasing Specialist

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