Hyundai Shock and Strut replacement in Peoria, AZ

Everything You Need to Know About Shock and Strut Replacement

Has the ride quality of your car diminished recently? Have you noticed a poorer handling and stability? It may be time to install new shocks or struts.

There's a lot that goes into helping your car perform to its highest potential. From its engine to its tires, your vehicle relies on a wide range of components to operate as the engineers intended. But while transmissions and turbos can help your car make exciting power, you'll have a hard time putting that power to use in a safe and comfortable way without a properly sorted suspension setup. In particular, your car needs fresh shocks and struts to ensure predictable, smooth, direct handling.

What are Shocks and Struts?

Shock absorbers and struts are integral parts of your car's suspension system. As a whole, a vehicle's suspension allows for flex and give across varying road surfaces. Without a suspension setup, our cars would be far less comfortable.

Shocks in particular are damping mechanisms that use hydraulics to convert kinetic energy. Struts combine a basic shock absorber design with a coil spring for extra effectiveness and more compact packaging. Shocks and struts sit at each corner of your vehicle next the wheels.

Benefits of Installing New Shocks and Struts

Like any other components in your vehicle, shocks and struts eventually wear out and lose effectiveness. This loss of performance can have negative consequences for handling, comfort, and even safety.

One of the immediate differences you may notice after installation is an improvement in ride comfort. New shocks and struts often result in a smoother and quieter ride. Take a sweeping corner and you may find that your car has reclaimed much of its handling performance as well. And finally, installing fresh shocks and struts can result in far better stability, resulting in better safety overall.

Where to Have Shocks and Struts Installed

Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria is ready to install your new shocks or struts. Just give us a call to plan your appointment and we'll fit you into a time slot that works with your schedule. During your appointment, our skilled technicians will install that parts properly and get your vehicle back to you promptly!


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