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Engine Tune-Up in Peoria, AZ at Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria

Here at Larry H. Miler Hyundai Peoria, we know you try to stay ever-vigilant about the needs of your sedan, hatchback, or SUV, which is why you adhere to the maintenance schedule suggested through its owner's manual. However, many issues may go over our heads, even the best of us, which is why Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria suggests a routine engine tune-up every now and then to diagnose upcoming issues or simply give your car a clean bill of health for clarity. Routine checkups by a physician are an integral part of keeping our bodies healthy, so why should you not follow the same process to keep your engine tuned up by a certified Hyundai technician? Schedule a tune-up today here at Larry H. Miller Hyundai and let us tell you about the important signs to remain aware of.

Signs Your Engine May Need a Tune-up

  • Warning Lights: You may be familiar with the "Check Engine" or "Oil Change Needed" lights, but if these appear, you should immediately schedule an appointment. If you are unfamiliar with these symbols, your owner's manual will have a chart of what each dashboard light means.
  • Engine Stalling: If your engine stalls when starting up or doesn't reach its full revolutions per minute, be sure to check with a technician about underlying problems or issues. You may also notice rougher gear shifting than normal, regardless of your transmission type.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: Noticing your Hyundai burning through fuel quickly than normal? This could be a crucial sign of engine issues or fuel filter replacement need. Schedule a tune-up immediately.
  • Sudden Loss of Power: A crucial sign of engine or battery failure is the vehicle failing to start or shutting off unexpectedly. Bring your vehicle in immediately if this happens.
  • Increased CO2 Emissions: you may notice a more aggressive sound coming from the tailpipe or noticed more noxious carbon coming from the exhaust in general. You should schedule a tune-up in this event to ensure the vehicle remains compliant with Arizona State and Federal emissions standards.

Schedule a Tune-Up Today

Of course, if you have any other questions about your Hyundai and its powertrain, you should feel free to inquire here at Larry H. Miller Hyundai


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